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  2. Mandatory!! - Posting in this Gardening Forum.
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  4. Seed shortages could imperil home gardens
  5. Non Hybred Seeds?
  6. Location for a new raised bed garden...
  7. Large Greenhouse from reclaimed materials-free to a good home
  8. Give your trees some love! and other workshops @ TLC Farm
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  10. Farmers’ Handbook © Chris Evans and Jakob Jespersen
  11. Benefits of Fallen Leaves
  12. Seed Swap & Garden Planning Workshop with Growing Gardens, Rodney Bender!
  13. [ppg] Seed Library: Spring Seed Swap Event Feb 27
  14. bamboos
  15. Alfred Edelman Lecture: Alan Kapuler “Ecosanity: Ongoing Discoveries About Life”
  16. [ppg] Feb 28 Workshop: Planning now for the year-round harvest
  17. New research: synthetic nitrogen destroys soil carbon, undermines soil health
  18. Planting by the Moon
  19. Tool Library in PDX
  20. Oregon State Agricultural Extension Service
  21. Northwest Native Tree and Plant Sale/Bales Thriftway Store
  22. Biodynamic Gardening info
  23. If You Enjoy Growing Unusual Plants
  24. I love Orchids
  25. OGF Plant A Row For the Hungry Campaign 2010
  26. Simple Planting Chart from Sunroot Gardens
  27. Plant Propagation
  28. An Introduction to Kinship Gardening
  29. The Spring Propagation Fair/Eugene, OR/Saturday, March 13
  30. Anyone Out There Grow There Own Salvia?
  31. Four Door Farm: A Small Scale Farming Project - Looking for Members
  32. Native Shores Wild Food Rendezvous
  33. vandana shiva- the future of food
  34. Tryon Life Community Farm- recruiting volunteers and youth groups
  35. Eugene: US BLM sale of surplus Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar seedli
  36. Buddha Pears
  37. companion planting chart
  38. The Berry Botanic Garden-Upcoming garden classes
  39. Wilson High School Fundraiser - plants and organic vegetables
  40. Nutrient Confusion
  41. Optical Surveying for Earthworks; Advanced Permaculture Course
  42. anybody raise rabbits/chickens/bees/goats?
  43. Winona LaDuke "Economics for the Seventh Generation" 3/3/10 at Stanford University
  44. Drip Irrigation
  45. Summer Residency at TLC Farm
  46. Heirloom tomatoes
  47. Breeding the Perfect Bull
  48. Friends of Family Farmers organizing
  49. Rogue Farm Corps: 2010 Farms Next Internship Program
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  51. Cully Collective Market: Community Meeting
  52. window farming
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  54. Master Gardener Spring Fair this weekend (Central Point)
  55. Like veggies
  56. veggie garden time.
  57. dirt
  58. centipedes
  59. Plants for a Future: 7000 edible, medicinal & useful plants
  60. There is no such thing as a weed
  61. interesting uses for mushrooms
  62. bees
  63. attracting bees to your garden
  64. attracting bats to your yard
  65. attract birds to your yard
  66. attract butterflies to your garden
  67. attract dragonflies to your yard
  68. attract hummigbirds to your yard
  69. attract frogs to your yard
  70. Native Plant info
  71. pest reppellent plants
  72. Tomatoes in Topsy Turvys
  73. Black Spots on Roses
  74. heirloom tomatoes starts
  75. Plant A Row/free veggies at BB on Saturday
  76. Is it too late for tomatoes and corn?
  77. Social Networking for your Garden
  78. Haitian Farmers Just Say No to Monsanto
  79. Trees as Teachers
  80. hi
  81. Growing tomatoes... No, really. Like actual tomatoes...
  82. hugel kultur
  83. anti GMO action via Food Democracy Now
  84. Wholesome Wave
  85. mushrooms?
  86. The farm..what do you think?
  87. Farmer K departing; Sunroot Gardens up for grabs
  88. My Brown Thumb Backyard Garden...
  89. The Road Back To Nature by Masanobu Fukuoka
  90. llamas anyone?
  91. Tabor Tilth: Permaculture in the City
  92. Essay- The Willamette's First Permaculturists
  93. Attracting Hummingbirds in Winter
  94. gmo vinyard uprootted in france
  95. Tabor Tilth Intro to Permaculture
  96. Portland Fruit Tree Project
  97. Home Orchard Society
  98. Help!! Ground squirrel problem!!
  99. flowers, bee on basil, and jalapenos.
  100. Tomacco
  102. mushies
  103. Nice Day
  104. Discount Permaculture Plants, books, and more!
  105. Why gardening makes you happy and cures depression
  106. In Portland: Free Garden Medicine classes — moving indoors for the dark season
  107. $900 for dandelions - sell your weeds!
  108. West Coast Womens Permaculture Gathering
  109. Ecosanity: An Interview with Alan M. Kapuler Ph.D.
  110. cannabis for deworming
  111. Toby Hemenway - How Permaculture Can Save Humanity and the Earth, but Not Civilizatio
  112. Horsetail/Equisetum Tea as Mildew/Blight/Fungus Control]
  113. German court upholds GMO planting curbs
  114. American bittersweet and Red chokeberry
  115. Tryon Life Community Farm, is launching a native pollinator business in support of gr
  116. yankee ingenuity makes it to the goat barn : )
  117. Oregon Inmates Help Protect Endangered Frog, Prison Budget
  118. Permaculture: The Growing Edge Trailer
  119. Companion Plants for Deterring Pests
  120. A Family in the City, An Urban Homestead, A Homegrown Revolution
  121. Fairy and Human Relations Congress 2011
  122. Question - vertical wall garden
  123. Mushrooms Blog:articles, ideas, relationships about life, kinship gardening, biodiversity, organic s
  124. Peace Seeds 2011 seed list
  125. 300 year old forest in Vietnam
  126. Urban/Small Farmer Vendors Needed at Cully Community Market
  127. Portland Farmers Market is accepting applications for new and returning vendors until Jan 21
  128. Seeking 2011 Apprentices at Zenger Farm
  129. Small Farm Worker Wanted. $10/Hour To Start.
  130. Organic Seed List
  131. Timber Press Books
  132. Any Ogf farmers need a hand?
  133. easy job for a jackson.
  134. A self-sufficient system of farming is increasing yields across Hawaii
  135. The Organic Elite Surrenders to Monsanto: What Now?
  136. Why You Can Now Kiss Organic Beef, Dairy and Many Vegetables Goodbye
  137. who owns organic ? flowchart
  138. GE trees
  139. 1 MILLION pounds of Food on 3 acres. 10,000 fish 500 yards compost
  140. Paul Wheaton from Permies.com on Permaculture, Hugelkultur, Survival Housing and More
  141. Hellabore display garden in Eugene area
  142. Skyrocketing Produce Prices: I Urge Everyone to Consider Growing a Produce Garden if Possible!
  143. Gardening Ideas for the Physically Challenged
  144. The Power of Community - Roberto Perez - Orewa
  145. New regulations at Oregon farmers markets
  146. Now in Brooklyn, Homegrown Tobacco: Local, Rebellious and Tax Free
  147. It's April...
  148. Intrested in cert. organic produce to your door?
  149. I Need Advice: Fusarium Wilt in Peonies
  150. new grow style
  151. black winged bugs
  152. Why Is Damning New Evidence About Monsanto's Mos
  153. anyone ever grow cacti?
  154. Mushroom made a video :)
  155. Bee keeping class in Portland
  156. New Flower Box
  157. 3 Headed rooster
  158. 2nd Annual Grand Seed Exchange at Oregon Country Fair
  159. Anybody know a nursery that sells live Trichocereus pachanoi (San Pedro) Cacti?
  160. grown mushrooms?
  161. Got Zucchini? MMMmmmmm:)
  162. the hydroponic tomato's.
  163. Don't let Congress eliminate sustainable farming programs
  164. Special Weather Alert - Cold Front (Possible Early Frost)
  165. Portland: Winter Storage Veggies: Sale/Barter, Nov. 12-13
  166. Some Grevillea Choices for Hummingbirds
  167. Oregon State University's New Tomato-OPB News
  168. What are you sprouting for this spring 2012?
  169. Link For OSU Extension Service Gardening Calendar
  170. azamax
  171. Condensation in Greenhouse ?
  172. Orchids
  173. URBAN FARMING / PERMACULTURE Class - reasonable tuition
  174. The Overstory - agro forestry journal
  175. Tanzania: Insecticide in Every Cell
  176. mulberries silkworms and dragons oh my
  177. Pesticide-Dosed Bees Lose Future Royalty, Way Home
  178. Studies Show Why Insecticides Are Bad News For Bees-OPB
  179. kinda cool
  180. Like Growing Tomatoes From Seed?
  181. upsetting
  182. Borrow a Bee and Your Honey is Free-OPB
  183. Cross post from North Coast Chapter
  184. Indigo Rose Purple Tomatoe starts....
  185. self reliance books - free for kindle
  186. Good indoor plant easy to grow?
  187. what am i doing wrong here
  188. Black Velvet
  189. Lupine and PM
  190. hobonaro pepper?
  191. the peppers of the veggie garden
  192. Insex
  193. Pink Pearls
  194. Low humidity/drought
  195. Chilean Glory Vine-Eccremocarpus Scaber
  196. 2013 cultivars
  197. How to Make a Weed Dabber
  198. Disease Threatens Garden Impatiens
  199. Birds, Bees and Water
  200. North Coast Gardeners...
  201. toxic yard care?
  202. need help with yardwork
  203. please help identify
  204. 3d Flower
  205. Heirloom Seeds?
  206. Companion plants that repel pests, and plants which attract good bugs...
  207. Veggie garden 2014
  208. my all time favorite
  209. Cucumber and squash
  210. House plants
  211. Battling Blackberry Bush Brambles
  212. Tomato's
  213. Busted: EPA Discovers Dow Weedkiller Claim, Wants It Off The Market
  214. Chinese medicinal herbs provide niche market for US farmers
  215. Anyone else have rhododendrons blooming in mid-November?