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  1. Marijuana Study shows NO Lung Cancer Links
  2. Marijuana Study: Stops Breast Cancer
  3. IACM Bulletin 6-22-08 Depression; Granulomas:Crohn's Disease; TB; Lymphoma
  4. Cannabis and Migraine Research
  5. Marijuana Research
  6. IACM Bulletin 4-27-2008 Neuropathic pain, diabetes/impotence, Cancer pain relief
  7. IACM Bulletin 4-13-08 Sativex studies, OCD, neuropathic pain
  8. IACM Bulletin 3-30-08 Migraine; epilepsy; withdrawal
  9. IACM Bulletin 6-08-08 Shengen Agreement; Brain research; Rimonabant deaths
  10. Marijuana and Impairment by R Bayer, MD
  11. Cannabis Has Anti-Inflammatory That Won't Get You High
  12. Wikipedia Quotes (MMJ) Indications & Emerging Medical Consensus
  13. (2008 pub.)Re-emergence of the therapeutic use of cannabis
  14. Cancer and Cannabis Research
  15. Neuropathic pain study in rats....from Italy (2008)
  16. Medicinal Uses of Marijuana: Nausea, Emesis and Appetite Stimulation
  17. IACM Bulletin 7-20-2008 Sativex pain study, Nabilone Alzheimer's study
  18. Study To Investigate Link Between Cannabis Compound And Slowing Of Multiple Sclerosis
  19. 6 State Health Dept Studies for Cannabis Medicine
  20. Study on CBM (cannabis based medicine) and Multiple Sclerosis
  21. Cannabis-induced cytotoxicity in leukemic cell lines
  22. Marijuana as therapy for people living with HIV/AIDS:
  23. Promising studies with Hep C and Cannabis
  24. Cannabis effective at relieving pain after major surgery
  25. More Pain studies with Cannabis
  26. The effect of orally and rectally administered delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol on spasti
  27. research into MJ use among Jamaican women and infants
  28. Review of Human Studies on Medical Use of Marijuana
  29. Glaucoma Studies with Cannabis Treatment
  30. Therapeutic potential of cannabinoids in CNS disease
  31. Cannabis Therapeutics from Patient view/experiences
  32. Cannabis Sativa (Marijuana) for Fibromyalgia
  33. Cannabis Sativa v Marinol - A Patient's Story
  34. Marijuana and Medicine; Assessing the Science Base
  35. cannabis constituent cannabidiol is an oral anti-arthritic therapeutic
  36. Differential effects of medical marijuana based on strain and how its used
  37. Mainstream Medicine Has Endorsed Medical Marijuana
  38. Cannabis-Linked Cell Receptor Might Help Prevent Colon Cancer
  39. THC-Morphine Analgesic
  40. Center for Medical Cannabis Research
  41. Rick Simpson's Cannabis Oil Cancer CURE
  43. IACM-Bulletin of 8-17-2008 Neuropathic pain
  44. Cannabinoid Delays Onset in ALS Mice
  45. Comparison of medical marijuana to pharmaceuticals (Wiki link)
  46. Effects of smoked marijuana in experimentally induced asthma
  47. Atherosclerosis: Marijuana Chemical Fights Hardened Arteries
  48. Cardiovascular effects of Cannabis:
  49. Autism and Medical Marijuana
  50. Cannabis as a Substitute for Alcohol
  52. Current restrictions on marijuana research are absurd
  53. Cannabis and tobacco smoke are not equally carcinogenic
  54. IACM mission and free subscription INFO
  55. Antibacterial Cannabinoids from Cannabis sativa:
  56. PTSD and Cannabis: A Clinician Ponders Mechanism of Action
  57. “Medical Marijuana” Takes On New Meaning for Metastatic Breast Cancer
  58. Report:Claims linking health problems and the strength of Cannabis may be exaggerated
  59. Curing addiction with cannabis medicines
  60. Sickle Cell Disease and Cannabis
  61. IACM Bulletin 09-14-08 MS, Bacteria. Leishmania, Malaria pathogens, ADHD
  62. IACM-Bulletin 9-28-08 Parkinsons disease (psychotic symptoms) study
  63. IACM-Bulletin 10-26-08; HIV,Cancer,Stroke,Intest.Cancer, Pregnancy studies
  64. Why we need pharmaceutical solutions? You be the judge
  65. The Science of Medical Marijuana
  66. IACM-Bulletin of 11-9-2008 Cannabis link re: Bipolar, MS
  67. Cannabinoids Elicit Antidepressant-Like Behavior
  68. Cannabinoid Receptor Agonists May Be Anti-Lymphoma Agents
  69. Cannabinoids for Anxiety (2002)...and psychosis
  70. Can Cannabis Kill YOU??
  71. Cancer cachexia and cannabinoids
  72. Diabetes and Cannabis
  73. Research Findings on Medicinal Properties of Marijuana:
  74. Marihuana as Medicine: A Plea for Reconsideration
  75. Video of the 3rd Cannabis Therapeutics Conference
  76. Lupus and Cannabis studies
  77. IACM Bulletin 12-07-08 German & Dutch MMJ program; Dranabinol and Chronic Pain study
  78. Attacking Alzheimer's with Red Wine and Marijuana
  79. Medical Marijuana for the Terminally Ill?
  80. IACM-Bulletin 12-21-08 Acid Reflux, MS, Liver Transplant, Kidney research, Periodonti
  81. Cannabinoids and brain injury: therapeutic implications
  82. Functional role of the endocannabinoid system in emotional homeostasis]
  83. Endocannabinoids Inhibit Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer Cells Proliferation
  84. 2010 6th National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics
  85. IACM Bulletin Rx for cannabis in Germany, Adolescent use down...
  86. Is Marijuana a medicine? Where is the research?
  87. Cannabinoids and schizophrenia: where is the link?
  88. Cannabidiol Now! (Testing for MEDICAL use and efficacy coming soon!)
  89. Marijuana helps in battle against cancer: study
  90. Pot Shrinks Tumors; Government Knew in '74
  91. IACM Bulletin 4/12/09: Brain cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, Systemic Sclerosis
  92. Dopamine and the Dependence Liability of Marijuana
  93. IACM Bulletin 4/26/09 Canada and USA MMJ use; Lung Disease; Epilepsy; Stroke; Obesity
  94. Study of 4000 indicates marijuana discourages use of hard drugs
  95. Medical Use of Cannabis (video)
  96. An Examination of Benefits and Adverse Effects of Legal Clinical Cannabis
  97. Marijuana compound fights brain cancer: Study
  98. Cannabis Alleviates Symptoms and Slows MS
  99. Study: Marijuana/Cannabis Effective for Tourette's Syndrome
  100. Marijuana use and epilepsy
  101. IACM-Bulletin of 24 May 2009
  102. Doctors & Medical Cannabis
  103. IACM Bulletin 6/21/09 Aging, Alzheimers, Diabetes, Obesity, Pain
  104. Reading up on Medical Cannabis
  105. IACM Bulletin 7/5/09 Migraine, Pain, Osteoporosis, Macular Dengeneration
  106. Science: Risk of head and neck cancer reduced in cannabis users in large epidemiologi
  107. IACM-Bulletin August 16th
  108. August IACM Bulletin.... & .... survey
  109. Granny Storm Crow's MMJ Reference List-2009 & 2010
  110. Does Cannabis Protect The Brain While Drinking?
  111. IACM Bulletin 8/30/09: Survey; lung function; protect brain from alcohol use
  112. New release: Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics (2001-2004)
  113. Medical Use of Cannabis..link to Full Article
  114. Government vs science over drug and alcohol policy
  115. IACM Bulletin 12/6/09 Isreali MMJ regs, Cannabis sub for addictive substances, Pain
  116. IACM Bulletin 1/3/2010 Survey;Fibromyalgia;Depression;right to Access in Colorado
  117. Medical Marijuana: The Institute of Medicine Report - Psychiatric Times
  118. IACM Bulletin 1/17/2010 Brain Cancer cells, NJ MMJ Law, gateway theory debunked
  119. Medical Marijuana: A Surprising Solution to Severe Morning Sickness
  120. IACM Bulletin 1/31/10 / Cannabinoids/Cancer Pain, Survey, Research Discouraged in US
  121. IACM Bulletin 2/14/10 Review on clinical studies 2005-2009; CCIC World Congress/Pain
  122. IACM Bulletin2/28/10 Med benefits of cannabis; IACM member investigated; MS patient
  123. IACM Bulletin 3/14/10 Substance abuse study; Millions for Schizophrenia study/Dutch
  124. IACM-Bulletin 4/25/10 Dispensaries, panic attacks, pain, arteries, birth
  125. IACM Bulletin 5/23/10 ALS Cannabinoid studies, Psychosis, Stroke, Parkinsons
  126. Scientists test medicinal MJ against MS, inflammation and cancer
  127. IACM Bulletin 6/20/10 Oregon reschedule, Topical use, Post-op Pain
  128. Pot Compound Stimulates Neurogenesis, Study Says
  129. IACM Bulletin 7/4/10 Sativex Rx; Nerve Cell research, Transplant Rejection Study
  130. Harborside Health Center Model for Dispensaries
  131. IACM Bulletin 7/18/10 Cognition study, Fibrosis, Liver injury, pregnancy study
  132. Cannabinoids reduse ErbB29-driven breast cancer progression....
  133. Cannabinoids reduse ErbB29-driven breast cancer progression....
  134. IACM Bulletin 8/15/10 Pain, OCD, Cancer,IBS, Sleep Studies
  135. IACM Bulletin 8/29/10 THC production, Sativex, MMJ rejected in Germany, Bedrocan Co.
  136. Chronic Pain Research: Marijuana Relieves Pain 8/10
  137. WJD: Diabetic Retinopathy Study
  138. Gastrointestinal Disorders Study of Cannabis Derivitives
  139. HIV and Hep C studies of viral load and cannabis therapy
  140. Migraine Headaches Cannabis Therapy study
  141. Morning Sickness (Nausea) in Pregnancy Study
  142. Multiple Sclerosis Study
  143. Neurodegenerative diseases and Cannabinoid Applications Study
  144. Cannabinoid Botanicals Study for Pain
  145. Substance Abuse Treatment and Cannabis
  146. Clinical Research Concerning Cannabis
  148. IACM Bulletin 9/12/10: IACM Conference; Neuropathic Pain study;
  149. Project CBD
  150. Link to Ongoing Cannabinoid (CBD) Studies 2010
  151. IACM Bulletin 9/26/10 Social Anxiety;Bladder Dysfunction; Pain; Endometriosis Study;
  152. IACM Bulletin 10/10/10 Pain; Alzheimers; Dyskinesia; Atherosclerosis
  153. IACM-Bulletin 10/24/10 Hyperactivity;Gateway Theory;
  154. IACM Bulletin 11/21/10: Endometriosis, Menopause, Neuropathic Pain, Iirrit. Bowel
  155. IACM Bulletin 11/7/10 Parkinsons, Epilepsy, Allergy, HIV, Israeli Rx, Chemo
  156. IACM Bulletin 12/5/10 Schizophrenia, peripheral neuropathy, Stroke, PTSD, MS, Cancer
  157. Cannabis Compound Mitigates Diabetic Cardiomyopathy
  158. IACM Bulletin 12/19/10 Isaacs' Syndrome; Heart Dysfunction/Diabetes/Stress; PTSD; Anx
  159. IACM Bulletin 2/1/11 Pain, Liver/Brain damage, Fibrosis, Obesity, Bladder, Prostate Cancer
  160. General Pain Study 9/10
  161. Schizophrenia dispute
  162. Migraines
  163. Epilepsy Research
  164. Asthma
  165. Anti-Tumor Effects
  166. Nausea associated with cancer chemotherapy
  167. Multiple Sclerosis
  168. Brain Injury/Stroke
  169. Arthritis
  170. AIDS Wasting Syndrome
  171. IACM Bulletin 1/16/11 BC Dispensary, Glioma, Pain, Epilepsy, Neuropathic pain, Obesity,Schizophrenia
  172. Marijuana Compound Improves Brain And Liver Function In Animal Model Of Hepatic Encephalopathy
  173. IACM Bulletin 2/13/11 Anxiety Disorder, Drug Alcohol dependency, Circulatory dysfunction, Sativex
  174. Cannabis Science Extracts Kill Cancer Cells
  175. IACM Bulletin 2/27/11 THC for Cancer Patients, Sativex for Spacicity MS, Synthetic Cannabinoids ....
  176. IACM Conference 2011
  177. Cannbinoids Help MS Symptoms and Disease Progression
  178. Brain, Oral and Gastric Cancer studies with Cannabinoids
  179. IACM Bulletin 3/13/11 Sativex and Dronabinol studies, Liver, Spacicity MS, Pain & Cancer in kids
  180. Updated Cannabis info from Nat'l Cancer Institute
  181. National Cancer Institute's Overview of Cannabis and Cannabinoids
  182. IACM Bulletin 3/27/11 Tumor Regression with Cannabis, Sativex approval in 6 countries, MS, Liver etc
  183. National Cancer Institute: Cannabis & Cannabinoids PDQ
  184. IACM Bulletin 4/24/11: Politics and MMJ; Neuroprotection; Pain; Psychosis, Hepatitis, PTSD, Nausea
  185. Children get Cancer too!
  186. IACM Bulletin 5/8/11 Fibromyalgia, Brain Cancer in Children, Cell Regeneration, POLITICS (bs)
  187. May IACM Bulletin
  188. IACM-Bulletin of 19 June 2011
  189. Cannabis Study: Huntington's Disease
  190. IACM-Bulletin 7/3/11: Sativex Study; Pain, and Diabetes studies
  191. IACM-Bulletin 7/17/11 Inflammation; Arthritis; Chemo; AIDS; Anorexia; Aging; Psychosis
  192. IACM-Bulletin 7/31/11 Inflammatory Bowel survey; Stress; Drug Dependency; Heart Failure; Glaucoma;
  193. IACM-Bulletin 8/14/11 IBS; Vomiting; Diabetes; Sativex trials
  194. IACM-Bulletin 8/28/11 Pain; MS; THC Safety; Obesity; Pregnancy;
  195. IACM-Bulletin of 9/13/11 IACM Conference; Colon Cancer; Psychosis and cognitive function; Glaucoma;
  196. IACM-Bulletin 9/25/11 Crohn's study; Epilepsy; Neuropathic pain; Survey on methods of Cannabis Intke
  197. IACM Bulletin 10/9/11 PTSD Study; Ischemia; Pain; Panic study
  198. Cannabinoid 'Completely' Prevents Chemotherapy-Induced Neuropathy, Study Says
  199. IACM-Bulletin 10/23/11 Schizophrenia; Pain; Cancer; Glaucoma
  200. what lessons can be learned from the last 40 years of alcohol and cannabis regulation?
  201. IACM-Bulletin 11/6/11 Cannabis/Pain study; MS Sativex trials; Cancer, Psychosis, Hyperactive info
  202. IACM-Bulletin 12/4/11 IBS Study; Stroke; Heart; Athersclerosis;
  203. For the public . .
  204. IACM-Bulletin 12/18/11: HIV/Appetite hormones; Phytocannabinoids; Alzheimer's; IBS; Liver Fibrosis
  205. IACM-Bulletin 1/1/2012 Sativex news; CBD Studies; Liver Cirrhosis; Brain Tumors; metabolism
  206. IACM-Bulletin 1/15/12: Lung Function, Cognative impairment, neuropathic pain, Creativity, Parkinson
  207. Cannabis Therapeutics Conference 2012 in Arizona
  208. IACM-Bulletin 2/12/12 Cancer study; Youth and Medical Cannabis use; Suicide Risk Reduced; Liver
  209. Testimonial for PTSD and Phantom Pain by a Veteran
  210. Video: The Power of Raw Cannabis
  211. IACM Bulletin 3/11/12 Psychosis Study; Tic Control; cerebral flow; Neuropathy from Chemo; Antidep.
  212. Cannabinoid Agonist Moderates HIV Progression, Study Says
  213. THC Neuroprotective In Model Of Parkinson Disease
  214. IACM Bulletin 4/8/12 Increasing Medical Use; Drug Tests positive for baby wash; Celiac Disease; Sex
  215. Cannabis Therapeutics Conference 2012
  216. IACM-Bulletin 22 April 2012: Sativex for Cancer Pain, Chronic Bronchitis, Inflammation, Psychosis
  217. Current Cannabis Studies 2012
  218. IACM Bulletin 5/6/12: Anti-Epileptic Effects, Allergic Inflamation, Brain function in cannabis users
  219. IACM-Bulletin 5/20/12: MS study, Cannabidiol anti-psychotic; Memory of fearful events reduced
  220. Proposed studies with cannabidiol
  221. IACM-Bulletin 6/3/12: MS THS study results; Psychotic disorders; CBD cancer results; Diabetes
  222. IACM-Bulletin 6/17/12: Synthetic Cannabinoid study; Hyperactivity (Animal) CBDs; Teen brain cells
  223. IACM-Bulletin 7/1/12 Stiff Person Syndrome; Alzheimers Study; Pain Study; Fibromyalgia; Arthritis
  224. the man who discovered THC . . .
  225. IACM Bulletin 7/12/12: CBD study Israel, Obesity study, Periodontitis, Emotional Reactivity, Stress
  226. IACM Bulletin 7/29/12: MS, Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Thyroid Function and Cannabis
  227. IACM BUlletin 8/12/12: Chronic Pain study, Morphine & MJ, Pancreatitis, THC tests for infants,
  228. IACM-Bulletin 8/26/12: MS, Depression, Accident Risk for Miners, Brain Protectionm, Alzheimer's
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  231. IACM Bulletin 10/7/12: Brain Activity on Cannabis, Anxiety disorder, HPB, Sleep apnea, etc.
  232. IACM Bulletin 10/21/12: Rescheduling before US Court, MS. CBD inhibits THC effects, Obesity, Pain
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  239. IACM Bulletin and your support
  240. IACM Bulletin 12/30/12: Diabetic Study promising, Neuropathic pain, Huntington's, Endocannabinoids
  241. Does this work? Check the link and pm me!
  242. IACM Bulletin 2/10/13:
  243. IACM Bulletin 3/24/13: Sativex, Neuropathic pain, Nausea, Bladder Inlammation studies
  244. IACM Bulletin 4/7/13: Cannabis vs Tobacco use, Mental Health of cannabis users, Diabetes, Studies
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  246. Low Doses of THC Can Halt Brain Damage
  247. IACM Bulletin 4/21/13 CBD & Memory, Allergic Reactions, Psychosis, Schizophrenia
  248. IACM Bulletin 5/5/2013 Severe Dementia, Analgesic Effects of THC, CBD/Cancer Study, Celiac Disease
  249. IACM Bulletin 5/19/13 Diabetic Study, Crohn's Disease, MS, Psychosis, PTSD, Seizures
  250. IACM Bulletin 6/2/13 Animal study of Autism, Heart/Low Dose THC, Diabetes, Obesity, Psychosis,Stroke