Oregon Green Free Medical Cannabis Judging Events


OGF Small LogoOGF Small LogoOregon Green Free holds several medical-based "cannabis judging" events throughout the year.  Prior to the event, growers on the OMMP from around the state submit their best strains. A panel of state-wide judges will have a month to critique them and fill out a series of detailed questions on each strain. The data is then used to compile medical information on the effectiveness of various strains for various ailments.  During the actual event, the winners are announced and we gather together in celebration.  There is always live music from talented local musicians, excellent food prepared by an award-winning staff, vendors from the very best Oregon-based glass companies along with other vendors and many, many fun people to meet.

There are 2 main state-wide  events that OGF has and many local chapters have their own events.

Care Growers Cup

This is our Springtime cup event and is usually held in April.  Due to the time of year, it is mainly for strains grown indoor, although anything is allowed to be entered regardless of when or how it was grown.

Harvest Fest

This is our Fall cup event to celebrate the best of the outdoor harvest.  This is mainly an outdoor-grown cannabis event, but again, anything is allowed to be entered.

Details for our current or next event are below.

Holiday Reindeer


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